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Just a little intro..and welcome!

This is my new little place to call home. You may know me as the chica from but I have since outgrown the site I bought as a teenager.  A husband and two little girls later I decided I needed a fresh new start (and a new domain to be excited about!)

A little about me? I’m a 30 year old work at home mom in the Rochester New York Area. I married my husband 4 years ago on July 4th, 2009 and since have had 2 beautiful little girls (Lelia – 11/29/10 + Aerilyn – 11/3/12). I own my own design business that I run from my home office designing stationery and paper products for weddings, showers, birthday’s and special events (

I am an animal lover and have a 6 year old Maltese (dog) named Zoe, a 5 year old Turkish Van (Cat) named Totoro, and a 3 year old rabbit named Peko. Someday I would love to have some chickens to gather fresh eggs from and maybe even a goat. (I don’t know why – I’ve always wanted a goat. Maybe this is part of my reason why?)

In my free time (what free time?!) I enjoy spending time with my husband and girls, reading, baking, cooking, video games…etc.etc.. I’m sure you’ll get to hear about all of these things and more. Oh. And Pinterest. Love me some Pinterest.

Well that’s the short of it..I hope you will return to learn more about me and my life, get inspiration, diy ideas, recipes, product reviews and a rant (or two) as well. You just never know. (Heck, most days I don’t even know.) I’m just happy to have a new place to call my own where I can share my thoughts, feelings and ideas again. Weeee.

xoxo Lilly