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Some humor in the day to day life of being a mom…

Before you have children most of your experience is the occasional sitting job or over night for nieces or nephews. Everything seems to be rainbows and unicorns (with the occasional poop). Than you have kids of your own (especially when you have more than one!) and things pretty much become chaos. (Had to stop blogging just now after just a couple sentences because the girls just headbutted eachother fighting over a comforter and burst into a chorus of crying. Craziness. Every minute. Every day!)

I came across a video from youtube user JaeTracie and had to share because it made me laugh after a long day with work and the girls and thought all of you moms could relate and would love it as well.

I love how she mixed the chaos and craziness we experience as moms with the adorable precious moments we also have the pleasure of having with our kiddos. I know I am guilty of the “No yelling in the house!” and “Why am I sooo tired..” (plus about 90% of the rest of the video clip). What are you guilty of??

Life as a mom (or dad!) is definitely one of the hardest, craziest, most chaotic jobs on this planet. Luckily it is also one of the most rewarding jobs as well. I am so blessed with my little family. I am sure you feel the same! (Most days..heehee!)