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One hell of a year…and possibly returning to blogging?

It has been one hell of a year… I think for everyone. Oi.

My blog has sat here dead for so long and I am thinking about resurrecting it. With so much going on I think it would be a great outlet. I used to blog regularly yeaaaars ago (mostly on a different domain altogether) and then life got in the way.

Things haven’t slowed down by any means – if anything things have gotten nuttier now that I have 4 girls (10, 8, 5 and 2) with one on the way! Add in the pandemic, remote schooling, running my own business(es) from home while also maintaining the house and trying to be a good wifey…. BUT I am thinking having a place to share the crazies/vents of the day would be great.. So maybe, just maybe… I will be updating again regularly. (Or it could go dead again for another 5 years /shrug/ )

I am thinking if I do I am going to do it without the pressure of needing to publish uber pinterest worthy content and not force myself into some kind of schedule or timeline… it takes the fun out of it. Sometimes I may just want to post about day to day nonsense.

For instance – my 2 year old was born a raging lunatic. I do not know what it is but I swear each child I have seems to be rougher than the last. (So I should probably be pretty afraid expecting baby #5 in August 2021.) She is extremely stubborn with a temper and just makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom with snacks for a good cry almost daily. She won’t let Ry or I change her 95% of the time without a violent battle. It is often a two person job and it is insanity. Her new fun thing is grabbing her ass cheeks mid change so I have to switch between wiping her butt and her hands. Today was one of those days and I had the joy of the plastic bag holding her dipes and nasty wipes having a hole that I didn’t notice was there until yucky dipes and wipes began tumbling out mid poop change. All while fighting to get her hands and bum clean. Yuck. Double triple yuck. All day is moments like this sandwiched between adorable moments. But momma is tired… and I think returning to blog will be a fun escape. Maybe though. We shall see. I tend to be blog flaky. 😀